Possibly My Most Brilliant Idea Ever

As a self-styled artist, I get plenty of new ideas—some great and some even greater. Today I want to share possibly my most brilliant idea ever. I decided to go in an entirely different direction as an art student and buy beach umbrellas in bulk. You can get them for a song most anywhere, especially near the shore. Not being a coastal denizen, I get them at discount from https://www.justbeachthings.com/best-beach-umbrella-reviews/. I will use fabric paint to add custom designs. The plan is to give them as gifts. Maybe some of the more successful ones can be sold for a little profit. Anything to keep a starving student going forward. What a way to make a living.

A beach umbrella is an entirely new kind of canvas for me, literally and figuratively. It doesn’t make it any less challenging. But a good designer can have a field day in this new format. A plain, ordinary umbrella can be a one-of-a-kind surprise for any recipient—be it a holiday or birthday present. And why not sell them in an online boutique. There are sites for handicrafters and this is the kind of thing that appeals to an adventurous spirit. Why not stand out on your vacation at the beach with a custom umbrella? You certainly will find your spot on the sand after a dip in the water.

Fabric paint is indeed a miracle. It is waterproof and doesn’t fade in the sun. You can explore different color palettes and abstract or organic designs. Sea shells, seahorses, coral and assorted fish are all possible subjects for your patterns. Let your creativity carry you away. I love the idea of having my artwork go public in a new way. Forget the traditional gallery or exhibition; get your work out there in nature.

You can get fabric paint at any hobby or art store, and of course on the Internet if you can wait a few days for delivery. Be adventurous about colors. I like to intensify the hues to their vivid extreme. No pastels for me; they fade into oblivion. I experiment with paper at first to get an idea of the final product. These drawings can be framed for décor. You get two results for the price of one, so to speak. I blow up the imagery or reduce it to a smaller design to see the different effects. Since taste varies, I want to offer my wares to please everyone. I don’t know how long this phase will last, but for the moment I am hyped. I have a list of people to gift and then the rest of the batch is going up for sale. I envision starting with the local farmers’ market where people sell anything from soap and jewelry to homemade soup. Imagine how unique would be a display of colorful umbrellas! Come summer, this is going to be my best plan.