Biggest Project Yet!

As an artist, I work for myself and enjoy the privilege of constant creation; but I am also called upon from time to time to execute projects for the community. I find this to be a vital way to fulfill myself and add to the visual appeal of the region. It is a dual role that any artist covets. Thus I was pleased to be asked to paint a mural on the side of a school building along with a close friend. We make a good team and can work together in harmony with equal spirit. This isn’t easy since artists are notorious for being individuals first and foremost. It is the nature of the enterprise and who wants to share their talent? This blog is devoted to a new kind of attitude in the arts, especially when it comes to helping beautiful a neighborhood.

Most of you see such murals in your area done by street artists who just like to do their own thing. If it is better than graffiti, it may stay on a wall and not get destroyed by city officials. My project won’t face this kind of obliteration since it is sanctioned by the local government. No one wants to labor over a massive creation only to have it erased. The work that my friend and I are working on will be an asset to the area, at least we hope so. We are carefully crafting a concept that befits a school and the values of education. Of course, it will contain children at play because the subject has universal appeal. Colors will be vibrant and the texture rich. I want this mural to stay intact for decades. If we plan a timeless composition, this should be guaranteed.

To execute such an enormous project on a grand scale, we are going to use an airbrush gun with a mini air compressor made by Compressor Force that my friend owns. This is the perfect way to accomplish the execution quickly while maintaining craftsmanship and a personal touch. Little brushstrokes just don’t work on large surfaces. You are not working with paper or canvas so your technique shifts. We want to be proud of our final product and are taking the care and time to do things right. I am excited about the results and hope we get some good press. Publicity will help us get other commissions. This is what keeps a professional free-lance artist going. Income doesn’t just flow in on its own when you are in a creative field. You depend upon people and organizations to see the benefit of your work in their spaces. Thus, you can see that I work on a small and large plane depending upon the client. I also create for myself and have a stash of paintings and drawings that will someday be revealed. Perhaps a gallery exhibition is in the works in the near future.