Spring Breakin’ It

My art calls to me when I am in a creative mood. Then I devote every waking minute to making aesthetic expressions. The excitement you feel when you come up with and execute a new idea is astounding. It is almost exhausting. When I am on a roll, I don’t want to stop or have anything interfere with my work. It breaks the train of creativity and sometimes it is hard to get it going again. I wanted to explain my work attitude before I tell you about spring break. I want you to be surprised that I took time off to join the throngs who celebrate this time of year at a resort or the beach. We all congregate to commemorate being young and free. We are lucky we can even go anywhere on spring break. It takes some funds, but we save up for months so we don’t miss out on the merriment. So, yes, I went on spring break in spite of my devotion to my art. So it came down to deciding where to go. I kind of took a consensus of what other people were doing and tried to match a location to my budget. We decided on a resort not more than a day’s drive from home. I picked a modest hotel but one that would be clean and comfortable since it is part of a known chain. I looked at photos online so I would be disappointed. I didn’t expect much for the price, but I wanted a room that came with a small hot tub.

When I got to the resort and entered my hotel room, I was delighted. There on the large terrace was the hot tub, beckoning me to get in. It soon became the focal point of my trip. It was the center of social activity in this hotel which many others had selected, just as I had. Not all the rooms came with a hot tub although there was a large pool behind the main building of the hotel. For a while this attracted everyone. People wanted to see who was staying there that they could meet. It was party central at night.

But soon cliques formed and people wanted a bit for privacy and quiet. They found out about my hot tub and I was more than willing to extend an invitation to join me. I provided food and wine and soon we had a coterie of kindred souls. We relished the warmth of the circulating water and the stimulating of the jet sprays. Then we sat for hours and talked, getting to know one another. For many people, this is the point of spring break. It is not about novel experiences since it was a rather mundane hotel; rather, it is about connecting with people, some of which you can see when you get home. Friendship is important at my age and with all the time I spend on art, it is hard to make friends. Spring break came to the rescue.