That’s Just Gross

I get entranced in my art projects and sometimes it is at the expense of noticing life around me. Such is the nature of art and creative endeavors. They have a pull on you until they are complete. I get so involved that I am practically riveted to whatever it is I am doing. If someone calls, I often don’t answer. If someone wants to go out, I beg off and ask for a rain check. I don’t like to be interrupted until I am either well into it or finished. It breaks the train of thought I have developed. I wonder if this is normal for artists or just for all people who are focused. So I get a lot of criticism for ignoring friends, not to mention the house and all the chores associated with living in it. Then necessity takes over eventually and I get to things in the order or normal importance. Yes, that would be the refrigerator which needs to be cleansed of rotten food. I find surprising things still in there from months ago. I then tackle my bedroom closet and rearrange everything, putting away the clothes that were on the floor. I gave the sink a good scouring along with the sticky countertops. The floors all needed attention of various kinds. The linoleum gets mop and the carpets get vacuumed. This is an area that was so neglected you could practically trace footprints in the floor.

Since I had just about finished an art project and had given the house the once over, I decided to invite a friend for coffee and cake. When she arrived she noticed how clean everything was. Not a trace of dust or grime. However, this didn’t last for long. When she needed to use the restroom, she came back in shock. She dragged me there with her and pointed out the unsightly mold. I had definitely missed something. I had to make apologies and promise to attend to it in no time. She laughed but knew I meant what I said given the fine condition of the rest of the house.

The afternoon after she left, I got to work on the mold. It was a rather tough job. Mold takes certain cleaning products, often containing powerful chemicals and bleach. I put on rubber gloves and hoped for the best. It took a while, but finally I got some results. The bathroom was presentable now for guests. How embarrassing to be found out. It was almost pointless to make excuses. I just couldn’t let it happen again. How to do that? Here’s the problem. I take long, hot, steamy showers which over a short time encourages the growth of mold. I wasn’t going to give up one of my favorite practices. I used my brain and thought of a great idea. I would buy a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air after a shower. My little “humidity helper”.

I looked online and found the perfect one on Amazon. I read the reviews, making sure that it would cope with the task of removing the steam from my bathroom to stop it from getting moldy, and it was up to the task. Two days later, it arrived. I plugged it in and it’s been great ever since. The dehumidifier that I bought is a great appliance that fits easily into most bathrooms. Now it is a permanent fixture of mine.