All the Coolness, None of the Pain

I was wracking my brain for an idea for a suitable gift for a friend who just graduated from nursing school. I couldn’t afford a stethoscope, although it is a great symbol of the medical profession. I wanted to get something personal but not traditional like perfume or cosmetics. She isn’t really the girlie type. But I was set on a practical item that she could use every day. I don’t know much about nurses, but I do understand that they are on their feet all day on long shifts. I know they are careful about selecting comfortable shoes that have extra insole padding. They either wear sneakers that are flexible or slip on clogs. Shoes are more important for them than their uniforms which are prescribed by the hospital. They do have some flexibility about colors and styles, however, and I imagine it applies to socks. If everything else is just regulation and boring, you can spice things up with colorful socks.

Nurses don’t wear just any socks I am told. They prefer what are called compression socks that provide comfort and promote better circulation. They are essential for workers on their feet, no matter how great are the shoes. Here was my answer. I would get some fun compression socks, not just black or brown. They would provide style and comfort both at the same time. I looked around for something interesting but I didn’t even know where to get the plain socks. I asked a friend and they suggested the usual place: the Internet. She also knew of a medical supply company nearby that carried uniforms and accessories. I thought it would be best to see the socks in person. I headed in the direction of the store. It was loaded with clothing, but in terms of a gift, a uniform didn’t make sense. I surveyed the scene and finally got to the socks and there were plenty of the compression type. Some came in plain colors but my eye caught one pair that made me laugh. It looked like a tattoo was around your ankle and lower calf. Was this too funny? My friend who just graduated had a sense of humor so I thought I would add this to my growing pile of examples. I included some solid bright colors and the tattoo version to make up an array for the gift. I wasn’t going to end it with one lonely pair.

When the gift was unwrapped, I enjoyed the smile on my friend’s face. Apparently, I had made a good choice. I can’t wait until the other nurses see them, she exclaimed. She added that no doubt everyone would want to start wearing the stylish compression socks, not to mention the fact that they keep your feet and legs cool while they reduce pain from strain after standing up for hours. She could indeed start a new trend. I was happy to be the one to suggest it.