Eat My Dust

I have been so busy with projects lately that I am oblivious to changes in my health. I write every sneeze and sniffle off to a potential cold. So I keep warm and avoid drafts. I try to keep my body temperature steady. I don’t want to develop something more serious like pneumonia. I would take the flu over that. It can be very debilitating and require hospitalization. So I try to eat right, exercise, and keep tabs on what is happening. After a while the sneezing got worse and I developed dry, itchy eyes. It was time to visit the doctor, and not the one people consult online. Most people get symptoms of some kind and they start searching for answers. You get a lot of misinformation that can steer you in the wrong direction. Sometimes you get close, but when you are not sure, it is time to see a professional.

I went to the doctor who confirmed what I suspected. I had severe allergies and I had to change my life style. I could take pills every day, but I had to do more. I had to live in a clean environment and try to keep the windows closed in spring and summer when pollen is in the air. I didn’t have to eliminate being near pets although it wouldn’t hurt. Usually if you don’t own one, you aren’t exposed that much to friends’ pets. The doctor said that if I started to react to being near cats, for example, I could just avoid them. He said I can really help my allergies myself. I don’t have to fear a walk in the park on a glorious sunny day will trigger symptoms. The most important thing I can do is to attend to the house and vacuum regularly. He also suggested buying a hepa air purifier for my home. He suspected it could be of great help. Patients attest to its efficacy and keep them running in most rooms of the house. He said that the bedroom was most important if I couldn’t buy the large whole-house model which can run into some money. Having it on while you sleep can help you wake up with a clear head. Your sinus won’t be as blocked as before. I dashed out and bought a good unit to heed his advice. It made perfect sense. Relief was in sight.

After using the heap filter in the bedroom for a couple of weeks, I felt so much better. All this while I was cleaning the house as suggested and taking the antihistamine pills. Let me tell you, these are a must. So in this blog is most of what you need to know to handle allergies. The proportion of the population that suffers from them is astounding. The drug company must be making a killing. As for the air purifier, I imagine the companies sell quite a few. I would never had known if I hadn’t gone to the doctor. Now I am happier and wiser.